How long can you be held after posting bail?

After an arrest, a serious question you might ask is, “How long can you be held after posting bail?” The answer is not a straightforward one. Let’s look at the factors that affect you or your loved one’s time in jail.

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Generally, after posting bail you can only be held for a few hours.

The exact length of time depends on:

  • How long your paperwork takes.
  • If you have a criminal record needing more attention.
  • The number of officers available to process the paperwork.
  • Crowding in the jail and how many defendants are posting bail at the same time.

Can You Be Bailed Out If Jail At Night?

Sometimes, yes!

With a 24-hour bail bond service, you can prepare your bail bond at any time.

There may be a 24-hour clerk at the jail to process your bail but no guarantees. Either way, your bail bond company will get everything ready for you.

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After a crime has been committed, the criminal will be arrested, booked, and then a judge will set an amount of money to be paid called bail.

This money is held until the trial date as a guarantee that the defendant will appear before the judge at the appointed time.

Bail Bond Options

There are two options when bailing out.

First, you can pay your bail amount outright, which is useful if you are affluent. Keep in mind, though, that this money won’t be returned if you skip.

Secondly, if you cannot pay your bail, then you can use the services of a bondsman. In Nevada, your bail bond premium is set at 15 percent.

In exchange for this amount, your preferred bail bond agency will pay your bail and secure your freedom until the trial’s conclusion.

Skipping Bail In Nevada

If a defendant is a no-show, then the money put up for bail is kept by the court and a bail enforcement agent, traditionally known as a bounty hunter, will seek them out. Skipping bail is a crime in Nevada, subject to jail time and a fine.

Is all bail the same?

No, bail can vary significantly and can be quite costly.

No worries, for smaller offenses, bail amounts are usually less costly and pre-set. Therefore the defendant will not have to wait for the judge to set bail.

These offenses are typically small traffic violations and other misdemeanors. This is especially helpful to expedite release on the weekends or holidays.

There are many factors that are taken into consideration when looking at bail.

Check out these elements judges consider when setting bail during the bail process.

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