If you’re reading this, you’re most likely curious about the gambling world and what it’s really like. Most of all, you’re probably curious to know what happens if you get caught cheating in casinos.

Well, as a Las Vegas-based bail bond company that has dealt with its fair share of theft-related cases, let us tell you:

Cheating in casinos will either get you kicked out and blacklisted or arrested and in need of a bail bond!

Getting Caught Is Probable Since Casino Security Is Constantly Evolving

Everyone has heard the saying, “The house always wins.”

While this statement applies to casino games and how they are set up, it also applies to casino security.

With the advent of modern technology, high-tech cameras, and AI systems, cheating in casinos has gotten harder and harder.

Nowadays, when it comes to catching cheaters, the house almost always comes out on top.

Mind-blowing Las Vegas Tourist and Casino Stats

In 2021, even in the midst of a recovery from lockdown, Las Vegas received an amazing 32 million visitors, according to Statista.

Of those 32 million visitors in 2021, 73 percent of them stated they had gambled while visiting the city.

Whether this percentage (also provided by Statista) is totally accurate is not clear. It’s certainly a very high number. But one thing is for certain. Las Vegas casinos receive a massive number of visitors every single day.

Cheating In Casinos Is Getting Harder

With so many people coming to the city looking to gamble, it’s no wonder that casinos in Las Vegas have developed such robust security measures to detect and stop those trying to cheat.

While it’s apparent that cheating in Las Vegas is a dead-end street, let’s look at some specific things that can happen if you do.

1. You May Receive A Warning Not To Cheat Again

There are different levels of cheating in Las Vegas, some much more costly than others.

Low-level cheating, like a gaming violation, will probably just result in you receiving a warning or being asked to leave the casino.

Remember: Casinos deal with tons of people on a daily basis, and detaining people is time-consuming, so sometimes casinos will take the fast route and just get you out of the establishment.

Likewise, calling the police and dealing with a court case is not exactly what casinos want to focus on.

The Sign You Are About To Get Caught Cheating

Given that casinos don’t want to spend their resources clamping down on every single petty cheat, cheats will almost always have warning signs before a casino’s security staff intervenes.

The biggest telltale sign is the pit manager coming over to watch how you play.

This is a not-so-subtle way of saying it’s probably time for you to cut out whatever you’re doing if you are, in fact, cheating.

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We’ll treat you with the respect you deserve and never view you as the guilty party. We believe in innocent until proven guilty.

Cheating In Casinos Continued

2. Your Casino Winnings Might Be Seized

Another obvious result of cheating in casinos in Las Vegas is that you’ll lose your winnings.

Once a casino is convinced that you’ve been cheating and can back up their claims, they won’t hesitate to take back what they’ve lost.

Of course, some shadier gambling establishments, usually ones that are not located in Las Vegas, could very well use the excuse of “stopping cheaters” to take your fair-earned winnings.

If this happens, your best bet may be to cut your losses and get out of there, especially if you are in another country.

Getting A Bail Bond If Arrested In Another Country?

Since only the Philippines and the United States have commercial bail bond systems, you most likely wouldn’t need a bail bond if arrested outside of the USA for cheating in a casino.

We Recommend Contacting A Criminal Defense Attorney

Getting arrested outside of your country is not a fun situation.

The best thing you can do in this kind of situation is to contact the Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs (CA) along with your preferred defense attorney.

Whether your record gets transferred over to the United States after you return home is another issue.

3. You Could Be Detained or Arrested For Gambling Fraud

It’s no surprise that cheating in casinos could lead to you being detained or arrested.

As already mentioned, with the proliferation of technologies such as AI surveillance systems, it’s getting much harder to get away with cheating.

Depending on the severity of what you’re doing, the police could get called, which is certainly not the kind of hassle you need to bother with while enjoying your time in Las Vegas!

A casino might also detain you and ask you questions if they’re fairly certain that you’ve cheated but need more proof.

And yes, casinos are allowed to detain you, although there are restrictions to how long they can hold you and how they are allowed to treat you.

Side Note About The Old Days and The Las Vegas Mafia

Everyone has heard the stories about Las Vegas in the old days when the mafia owned the casinos and would take you to a back room and give you a beating if you were caught cheating.

Thankfully, this is a far cry from the reality today.

Nowadays, casinos are very careful to avoid getting themselves into a situation in which they could end up getting sued, although back in the 60s, 70s, and even the 80s, the classic scenarios that you see depicted in movies were more likely to occur.

Another reason why casinos today go to extra lengths to ensure they keep everything above board when dealing with cheaters is that they don’t want to damage their reputations.

In a world full of social media, it wouldn’t be very good PR if it came out that a casino was bruising people up for trying to pull a few ill-gotten bucks.

4. You Could Be Banned From The Casino

Another outcome of cheating in casinos is getting blacklisted.

In many cases, if a cheater is more of a nuisance to the establishment than a real threat, this is the course of action the casino will take.

Once a person is blacklisted, their information will be shared with the Nevada Gaming Commission and Nevada Gaming Control Board, making it virtually impossible for them to gamble at any casino in the city again.

Casinos in Las Vegas utilize what is known as a Black Book to keep track of cheaters.

Nevada Law About Cheating At Gambling – NRS

Nevada law, specifically Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 465 – Crimes and Liabilities Concerning Gaming, expressly forbids cheating in casinos.

According to NRS 465.070:

“It is unlawful for any person to (7) manipulate, with the intent to cheat, any component of a gaming device in a manner contrary to the designed and normal operational purpose for the component, including, but not limited to, varying the pull of the handle of a slot machine, with knowledge that the manipulation affects the outcome of the game or with knowledge of any event that affects the outcome of the game.”

Meanwhile, according to NRS 465.083:

“It is unlawful for any person, whether the person is an owner or employee of or a player in an establishment, to cheat at any gambling game.”

What Is The Penalty For Cheating At Gambling In Vegas?

The penalty for cheating while gambling in Las Vegas may include up to 5 years in prison, not to mention a $10,000 fine. Penalties for second offenses are equally as severe.

Those who conspire to cheat at a gambling establishment—we interpret this as meaning that the cheaters plan their attempts at cheating as opposed to just cheating on impulse—may be charged with a class C felony.

What To Do If You’re Arrested For Cheating At A Casino

If you’ve been arrested for cheating at a casino in Vegas, the best thing you can do is (1) contact an attorney and (2) call a reputable bail bondsman who can get you out of jail and back to your family fast.

We believe in the principle of innocent until proven guilty, which is why we never treat you like a guilty party.

If you’ve been arrested for alleged cheating at a casino, call us today at (702) 333-2663 and let us help you secure a fast and affordable bail bond with a flexible payment plan.

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