Lightning Bail Bonds in Las Vegas provides the best and most affordable bail bonds in the State of Nevada. We are known for providing confidential, efficient, quality service to all jails in Nevada for Clients all over the world. The Nevada legislation set the premium (cost of a bail bond) at 15% of the face value of the bond plus jail fees no more, no less. This gave us control over two things, how we collect the premium and when. That means we can offer flexibility payment programs and collect the premium in different ways



We understand that bail may be required at any time that is why we provide 24-hour bail bonds. By offering 24-hour bail bonds in Las Vegas and the State of Nevada, we can provide timely help to our clients by getting them out of jail fast! 


Lightning Bail Bonds is a team of very professional bondsmen, who are well known for helping their clients at every cost and setting up instant bail bonds. Our team members work attentively and follow the state laws for a completely safe and effective process. Our office is very inventive at figuring out ways for you to pay and has the best bail bond rates. Contact the expert team of Lightning Bail Bonds to get fast bail bonds.


Bail Bonds Tips From Our Blog

Electronic Monitoring / House Arrest in Nevada

When a defendant is arrested in the Las Vegas Justice Court jurisdiction, if it’s a misdemeanor they go to court the next morning at 9 AM if it’s a felony the next afternoon at 1:30, seven days a week

At that time the defendant is normally placed on an electronic monitoring or given bail and electronic monitoring.


Electronic Monitoring can cost as much as $500.00 a month with the average case taking 18 months, that is approximately $6000 to stay out of jail and be watched every minute of every day.

If you bail out before court there is no Electronic Monitoring

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