Jail is never fun. Even a few minutes inside can feel like hours or days.

This is why, when you or someone you love is charged with a crime, you should look for a reputable bail bond agency like Lightning Bail Bonds  to get your issue solved.

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What Is A Bail Bond?

A bail bond is what a bail bond agency posts on behalf of a defendant to get them out of jail. 

Bail bonds act as a form of assurance to courts that defendants will abide by the conditions of their release, which includes showing up for court when required.

If you can’t afford to pay your full bail amount, getting a bail bond through a bond agency like Lightning Bail is, in our opinion, a very good idea.

Is Bail Always Granted?

Normally, it is. But no, not always.

For very serious crimes, such as capital murder, bail may be denied.

Bail Hearings

The Nevada Supreme Court (insert link here) states that defendants are entitled to a bail hearing if they cannot afford to pay bail.

During this hearing, the prosecutor must show convincing evidence that requiring bail is necessary to safeguard the community.

When making a decision about a bail amount, the judge must consider the defendant’s financial resources.

Types Of Bail Bonds In Nevada

Cash Bonds

When using a cash bond, you can post the entire amount upfront using cash, a cashier’s check, or money order. 

Note: A lot of people, even if they can afford to pay for cash bonds, don’t necessarily pursue this option. 

People often refrain from paying cash bail since they run the risk of losing their bail money if the court believes they have not abided by all the conditions of their release.

Own Recognizance

Courts may sometimes grant defendants release on their own recognizance, otherwise known as release on O.R.

What this means is that defendants are able to get out of jail without having to pay any bail amount.

When deciding whether or not to grant release on O.R, a judge will look at a defendant’s residency, work history, and community standing. Another factor that influences the judge’s decision is the defendant’s lack of a criminal record. 

However, if an individual has been accused of a violent crime, release on O.R. may not be an option, even if they don’t have a criminal record.

Can I Post Cheap Bail Bonds?

The Department of Insurance sets the cost of a bail bond in Nevada at 15% of the total bail amount.

While only having to pay 15% of your bail amount is a lot better than having to pay the full amount, we know that this still may be hard to afford.

The good news is that we at Lightning Bail make getting cheap bail bonds possible by offering flexible premium payment plans designed to fit your budget. 

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How Can I Pay For A Cheap Bail Bond In Las Vegas?

We know very well that for most people the price of a bail bond is not easy to afford.

We also know that this unplanned expense may pose a problem, especially if you are trying to get your loved one out of jail. 

So, if you do not have the money to pay your 15% premium, we will gladly work with you to meet you where you’re at.

Call us for a zero interest financing plan or a collateral arrangement.

We encourage you to speak to one of our qualified and experienced bail bond agents today to learn more about acquiring cheap bail bonds.