Are you looking to post bail for yourself or on behalf of a friend or family member? If so, you may find yourself wondering what sorts of information a bail bondsman needs in order to help post bond. If you are looking to bail yourself or a loved one out of a Las Vegas, Nevada jail, here is the information you should be prepared to supply to a bail bondsman.

Arrest or Jail Information

One of the first pieces of information that you will have to supply a bail bondsman with is the arrest or jail information. There are a few different jails in the greater Las Vegas area. This includes the City of Las Vegas Detention Center, the Clark County Detention Center, and the Henderson City Jail. The jail that your loved one is transported to following an arrest varies on many different factors, including where they were arrested and what they were arrested for. Before bail can be posted, a bail bondsman needs to locate your loved one in the system to determine where they are being housed. Providing the bail bonds company with as much information about your loved one’s arrest, such as where they were arrested, what police agency arrested them and what they are arrested for, or providing them with jail information, such as the jail they are housed in and their inmate reference number, helps them to locate your loved one and post bail.

Your Standard Basic Information

As you go about posting bail with a bail bonds agency, you should be prepared to provide the bail bondsman with both your standard basic information, as well as the standard basic information of the individual you are posting bail on behalf of. Standard basic information includes full names, date of birth, address, phone number and possibly social security numbers. They will also ask for a valid state driver’s license or identification card. If your license or ID is not valid, most bail agencies will not allow you to bail someone out of jail. They may also request you bring along the drivers license or ID of the person you are bailing out, if you have access to it. If you do not know all of the information about the individual you are posting bail for, the bail bondsman will likely require them to come in and provide this information within 24 to 48 hours of being released.

Employer Information

A bail bondsman will also ask for employer information for both you and the individual that they are bailing out of jail. They want to know who both of you work for, what you do, how long you have worked there, what your work address is and what your work phone number is. In some cases, a bail agency may even ask for proof of employment before allowing you to bail someone out of jail or allowing your loved to be bailed out of jail.


The last bit of information that you should be prepared to a bail bondsman when bailing yourself or a loved one out of jail is references. A bail bonds company will typically ask you to provide three to five references. These references can be friends, family members, co-workers or partners. You will be asked to supply the name, phone number and address of the references. It is extremely important that you bring along reference information. When a bail bonds company is bailing someone out of jail, there is always a risk that the individual who bails out will run or flee. When this happens, the bail bonds company will either have to pay the bond in full or find the individual and turn them into jail. Providing references gives the bail bonds company access to more people who know the individual who has bailed out of jail, which can make it easier to find them if they do not show up for court.

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