What Happens If You Miss A Court Date?

You might be asking, “What happens if you miss a court date?” Well, NRS 199.335 is a Nevada law that makes defendants criminally liable in the event they fail to appear in court.

As you can imagine, missing your court date is a very serious matter.

Skipping bail could not only lead to a warrant being issued for your arrest, but it could also lead to you paying fines and having to serve additional jail time.

If you are currently on trial, All N One Bail Bonds can help keep you accountable. Plus, if you miss your court date for any reason, we can work with the courthouse on your behalf.

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More About Failure To Appear

NRS 199.335 states that a defendant who fails to appear in court on one or more occasions in relation to misdemeanor charges can be charged with the crime of “Failure To Appear” in Nevada.

This is punishable with six months of imprisonment and a bail amount of $1,000.

The punishment for Failure to Appear can get much more serious, however, if the defendant flees the state or resists arrest.

If you miss your court date for whatever reason, we urge you to contact your legal representation, your bail bondsman, and the court immediately.

What To Do If You Fail To Appear In Court

The best thing you can do if you miss your court date is to contact your legal representation, explain your situation, and have them reschedule your hearing.

We also strongly urge you to contact your bail bond agent and the court directly and tell them what is going on. The more you communicate, the better.

The more you procrastinate, on the other hand, the more likely it is that you’ll be arrested, lose your driver’s license, receive a higher bail amount, or even worse, lose your ability to bail out!

Reasons For A Missed Court Appearance

Here is a list of the most common reasons why a person would miss their court date:

  • Failure to receive a court notice
  • The court failed to send a notice
  • The defendant overlooked their date of appearance
  • Childcare issues
  • Work and school-related conflicts
  • Health emergencies

Call Your Bail Bond Agency!

If you’ve missed your court date or are about to miss it, call your defense attorney right away to get a new hearing schedule and call us too.

Calling your bail bond agency in the nick of time can save you from disciplinary action on the part of the court.

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