Las Vegas is known as America’s party spot and playground and has an “anything goes” reputation. The reality of a Las Vegas excursion is that, just like almost everywhere else in the world, there are rules to follow, especially if you spend time in the casinos. The city’s casinos have specific rules and regulations for visitors, and the consequences of not following the rules could get you in serious trouble and looking for help with bail bonds in Las Vegas. Here are seven offenses that could get you immediately arrested in a casino and scrambling to find bail bonds in Las Vegas.

1. Cheating at the Game Table

One of the biggest no no’s in Las Vegas is cheating at the casinos. Also, any type of advantage play moves, such as counting cards, are also not allowed. The casino professionals and security teams have likely seen it all when it comes to cheating. Casino personnel is dedicated to monitoring gameplay to prevent anyone from getting an unfair advantage and taking away from the facility’s profits. Additionally, casinos have a massive number of video cameras watching the players’ every move.

If you are caught cheating in a Las Vegas casino, you could be charged with a Class B felony and need to find bail bonds in Las Vegas, like former NBA star Charles Oakley, who tried to sneak chips he wagered out of the betting pool. Oakley ended up negotiating a plea bargain and was ultimately convicted of a misdemeanor and paid a $1,000 fine for his Las Vegas arrests.

2. Taking Illegal Drugs

What many people don’t realize is that taking or having illegal drugs in Las Vegas could also get you arrested. According to Nevada state law, some controlled substances, such as narcotics, are illegal unless you have a prescription. If you are found to have drugs on you in a casino, you could get detained and arrested, needing bail bonds in Las Vegas.

Controlled substances in Nevada include heroin, LSD, PCP, ecstasy, marijuana, cocaine, meth, anabolic steroids and other opiates. Some drug possession charges are felonies in Nevada and come with stiff penalties, such as one to four years in prison and a $5,000 fine. If you get arrested for drug possession, you need to contact a 24 hour bail bonds organization immediately.

3. Using Your Cell Phone at Sportsbooks

Another offense that has caught some people off-guard is using a cell phone in certain types of gambling facilities. Sportsbook gambling operations, which are prominent in Las Vegas, focus on betting on horse racing and professional sports. These spots may have more rules for players than traditional casinos.

One important rule to follow in a sportsbook facility is to not use your cell phone. If you are caught using your phone, the first time, management may politely tell you to put it away. Repeated use of a cell phone in a sportsbook casino could lead to detainment and the need for bail bonds in Las Vegas.

4. Not Paying a Casino Marker

You could also find yourself locked up if you fail to pay your casino marker debt. Casino markers are used when someone is betting with large sums of money. When a player wants to make a big bet but doesn’t have the cash on hand to front the wager, a casino marker can be used. The markers are short-term lines of credit available for high roller betting.

Casinos have a detailed application process that is used before a player gets approved for the credit in a casino marker. If a player gets a marker and doesn’t pay back the line of credit, there could be a criminal charge involved, similar to writing bad checks. When you return home from your visit, you could be charged and arrested, requiring bail bonds in Las Vegas.

5. Engaging in Disorderly Conduct

One of the most common charges that have people searching for bail bonds in Las Vegas is disorderly conduct. In Las Vegas’ Clark County, this could be a range of various offenses. The most common types of offenses that are charged with disorderly conduct include public drunkenness, fighting, disturbing others by being too loud or threatening other people in the casino.

When on a Las Vegas vacation, it’s typical for casino visitors to drink more than they usually do. Partiers should practice moderation as much as possible so they don’t go overboard and make a scene at a casino. Groups of friends should look out for each other so no one has to worry about getting into trouble.

6. Drinking and Gambling When Underage

Another offense that is criminal in Las Vegas and could result in arrest is underage drinking and gambling. Casinos must follow strict gaming regulations in order to maintain their gambling and business license so underage visitors to the casino are not tolerated.

If someone who is not at least 21 years old uses a fake identification or accesses areas restricted to minors, this is a criminal offense. Underage gamblers and drinkers in Las Vegas casinos can be detained and arrested. If this happens to you, you’ll need to find bail bonds in Las Vegas to get bailed out.

7. Taking Photos and Videos in the Casino

The last way you can get arrested and in serious legal trouble in a casino is if you take pictures and videos during your time inside. Many casinos have rules prohibiting guests from taking photos or videos of the casino operations. This is due to the potential for these to be used in cheating scams. Some people have gotten arrested and needed bail bonds in Las Vegas due to not following these rules.

Unfortunately, there are lots of guests who don’t realize this is a common rule in many casinos and they are caught off guard when they are asked to put their camera or cell phone away. The best thing to do is ask the casino staff members for permission before taking a picture documenting your fun time. Hiding a camera or cell phone may lead to ejection or detainment.

If you find yourself in a legal predicament and need bail bonds in Las Vegas, contact Lightning Bail immediately. Understand your rights when you get arrested in Nevada and let Lightning Bail be there to assist.