What Happens If I Fail To Appear To Court As A Defendant?

A lot of people are curious about how the legal system works in a variety of circumstances. They want to know what would happen if they fail to appear in court when they are supposed to show up to answer to. It is never a good idea to take a risk and not appear to court when you are supposed to. There is a reason why you are being summoned to court in the first place, and the legal system should not be taken as a joke. You need to make sure you do what the judge instructs you to do in these circumstances.

Bond Forfeiture

In the event that you are released before your trial based on your own identity within the community and fail to show up at your court appearances, then you may end up with a bond forfeiture on your hands. The court can take away your ability to pay bond to get out of jail with you await your trial. You may end up back in jail and not be able to pay bail to get out this time.

Worse Charges

It is possible that you could end up facing more charges as a result of a failure to appear. If you fail to appear one can end up with a bench warrant being issued by the judge.

A bench warrant is something that the judge puts out to say that the next time this person interacts with law enforcement they are to be arrested. They will then face the original charges as well as an additional charge for the failure to appear.

It is a real problem if one ends up stacking up charge on top of charge because they are simply not willing to show up to face their original charges. It is something that can make the initial charges cause a lot more penalties than what they otherwise would have suffered from. Thus, it makes sense to just listen to the legal system to begin with.

If you have failed to appear or have a bench warrant, your bondman can help assist you on how you can remedy the situation.

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