You may be wondering if no collateral bail bonds (also known as signature bonds) exist. The answer is, yes, they do.

While not every bail bond company offers no collateral bail bonds, some agencies may be willing to offer them if they personally know the defendant or the defendant’s cosigner or if the defendant has an exemplary character.

Other agencies offer no collateral bail bonds more freely, requiring only that the defendant have a good credit score and a solid reputation.

Whether or not you can get a no collateral bail bond really depends on the agency in question, as there are no hard and fast rules that determine this.

With that said, most bail bond companies prefer getting collateral of some kind since this protects them from losing money if the defendant fails to meet all of the court’s requirements. 

Forms of collateral include real estate, a vehicle, stock, bonds, jewelry, artwork, or any other item of value that a bail bond company could use to recoup their losses in the event the defendant skips bail.

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More About No Collateral Bail Bonds 

A no collateral bail bond is a type of unsecured bond that is generally high-risk. However, collateral bonds are not without provisions.

Sometimes, no collateral bonds will have a provision that requires you to pay a predetermined amount of money if you fail to abide by the conditions of the bond.

What the conditions are and what you would have to pay are subject to question, which is why we recommend that you do not sign an unsecured bail bond agreement with a bail bond company unless you trust them and have looked closely at your contract.

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We understand that bail can be costly and that not everyone has the capacity to pay their bail bond in cash. This is why we offer flexible payment plans on your bail bond premium that are smartly designed to fit your budget.

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