If you are arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) in the state of Nevada, You could have just a day or two to plan your defense, or actually no time at all if you stay behind bars for a longer period of time. especially in Las Vegas. Luckily, there is a way out of this crunch predicament.

Using bail bonds from an official bail bond agent can get you out of jail pretty shortly after you first arrive. When you are booked, you need to request that you have your bail set. If you do not, it might be overlooked by the court or clerk.


There is no preset calculated scale for determining bail amounts. The judge’s own discretion, the circumstances of your DUI charges, and what fees the court expects you to pay no matter what can all influence the bail dollar amount. In general, your bail will reflect how much you would owe the state if you were convicted and then some; if you are facing a first-time DUI arrest, it could be around a couple thousand dollars but if you are a multiple DUI convict already, your bail might be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

The beauty of bail bonds in Nevada is that they can work fast to get you out of jail, regardless of how high or low your bail is set. At Lightning Bail Bonds, our Las Vegas bail bond agents always charge 10% of your bail amount, or a $100 minimum per charge. For example, if you have your bail set at $10,000, instead of digging up that large amount of cash upfront, you can pay us just $1,000 and we’ll hand the court $10,000 on your behalf. We understand that money might be tight, especially after a DUI arrest where you might be spending your finances on a criminal defense attorney, so we do offer financial plans and payment options  simply fill out the linked request and we can go over your financial options.to clients who qualify.

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