Bondsmen have a tough job, especially when it involves going after outlaws who break the law time and again. These bondsmen have to employ all tactics to ensure that the law breakers meet their rightful fate. A bail bondsman is any person or corporation that will pledge money as bail for a convicted felon who cannot afford to pay the bail money. Banks and insurance companies also offer similar assistance, but a contractor takes responsibility beyond the money, Bail bondsmen or bail enforcement agents are often required to chase after and track down people who jump bail.

Once the bail skippers are caught and produced in court, the bondsmen are released from their obligations and they get their invested money back. This profession may seem glamorous on television or in the news, but in reality it is a dangerous profession that requires real commitment. Bail bondsmen are controlled almost entirely by the laws of the state. They are trained and licensed for the job they are required to do.

Here are some of the method bail bondsmen use to find bail skippers:

1. Searching the residence and other commonly visited locations of the bail skipper, without any need for prior permission or arrest / search warrant. The bail bondsmen can conduct a surprise search at any suspected location of the bail skipper. The law does not require him to have a permission receipt. Only in the case of someone else’s private property is he required to take permission from the owner, without which he cannot legally enter the premise.

2. Bail bondsmen do not need an arrest warrant or the presence of a policeman to arrest a bail skipper, he can easily handcuff the suspect and take him to the police station. The person can be detained till he/she is produced in court for the hearing about the bail skipping.

3. Bail bondsmen are not legally permitted to use firearms against the suspect / bail skipper, but may do so in case of threat to their own safety or the safety of those around them. But they must obtain a proper license and a valid permit for the firearm, along with a certification from the local police department.

4. Bail bondsmen often recruit local informers as a source of updates on the bail skippers. These are local bar owners or homeless people who work for the bondsmen in return for some minimum payment. They keep an eye out for the bail skipper and immediately inform the bondsman of his/her location.

Bail bondsmen have a difficult job to execute and they cannot always rely on force or violence. They have to use a combination of sly and investigative techniques to ensure that the bail skippers are brought to justice appropriately. They are liable for any mistake that happens on their watch and any unnecessary use of force is also accountable for.

It is a professional service that ensures that the law abiding citizens do not suffer and the miscreants are appropriately punished.


So It is not a good Idea to try and skip bail and not show up in court as promised,  You Will Be Found!