To be jailed is a nightmare. You are denied with a variety of freedoms and your life is going to be under the control of the state. Whatever the reason that brings you there, you don’t like to stay behind the bars awaiting trial.

Sometimes, raising the bond money is a challenge. Fortunately, almost everyone who gets arrested is able to get out the jail – with a bail bond. When you are allowed to post bail, you’re lucky because you can get back to the things you normally do every day.

Bail bond comes in two major types: secured bail bond and unsecured bail bond. For you to use your temporary release completely, let’s dig and understand a few important terminologies.

Secured Bail Bonds

Secured bail bond or secured surety bond is the most common type of pledge that requires something to secure. Nevada bail bondsmen want to make sure they will get the money back you borrowed and that they need to secure anything possible.

Everything you put up ensures that you will come to appear at your hearing. If you do your job and show up, you retain the valuable things in your life. On the contrary, all of them will be forfeited if you tend to skip out.

What You Can Use

There are so many things that can be used to secure the release of an accused. What matters most is that it could reach the bail amount. Here are some of them:

  • A title of a car
  • A piece of jewelry
  • A form of property
  • Money or cash
  • A piece of equipment

Unsecured Bail Bonds

Sometimes, a quite frightening defendant does not always have enough cash to pay for a bail. But then when he/she pleads the court, the judge releases the accused without having to take anything as a form of security. There might be an unsecured bail bond or “signature bonds” roaming behind in this scenario.

Unsecured bail bond does not need something valuable in exchange of the release.

Your precious:

  • signature
  • written promises

might be enough.

The bail bond agency will not ask you for money, a form of property, a title of your car or anything that can be used as collateral. Sounds good, isn’t it?

Remember that you need to make a particular written agreement. If you fail to fulfill everything you have been signed to, you will pay a fixed sum of money. In Las Vegas unsecured bail bonds, you need to comply with all the conditions written or else you’re going to find money and pay. What if you refused? Well, the court knows what to do.

Who Can Benefit

You are qualified for unsecured bail bond if you are:

  • A person not deemed dangerous
  • A person seemed to return to court as promised
  • A person committed not too serious wrongdoings
  • A person lived in the area for a long time
  • A person with good credit

Unsecured bail bond does not need money to release someone out the jail upfront. Payment is only required if the defendant ignores court appearances. Just like secured bail, there is cash involve if you won’t take your promises seriously. You might also be head back to jail if you owe money to the court.

The Similarity

Both secured and unsecured bail bond have to do with your release options from court pending trial. These two also play an important role in court appearances. If you fail, you face consequences.

The Differences

Secured bail bond needs money or any form of collateral before releasing someone. Unsecured bail bond does not. You are only asked to make promises or sign an agreement and then you can get out of jail.

However, the unsecured bail bond is riskier since there is nothing used to back up. In Las Vegas and other cities of Nevada, this type is not very common. It is not available to anyone accused with a felony crime.

TIPS: Do your best to appear in every court hearing.

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