What Is Bail and Why Is It Important?

When a person is arrested, they are taken into custody by the police.

The arrest may be for a crime that has been committed, but sometimes a person is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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Bail Importance

Bail is important since it lets you get out of jail quickly and back to your family. No one wants to remain in jail longer than they have to.

Bail Explanation Continued

When a person is arrested, if the charges are dropped—which can happen more often than you think, so definitely have a good lawyer on hand—they will be released from custody.

If they are charged with a crime, though, they will need to post bail in order to be released from custody.

Most people have an idea of how bail works in this country and know that they are required to pay it if they’ve been taken to jail.

Not everyone, though, knows why bail is used.

Essentially, it is a form of assurance that courts use to ensure that people show up for their court dates. It is argued that bail is an incentive that helps keep the legal system operating smoothly.

What Types of Bail Are There?

Bail can be (1) money or (2) property.

Those are the two main types.

Money bail can be broken up into cash bail or bail bonds.

Cash bail is what you or someone you know pays out of pocket to bail themselves out of jail.

Bail bonds are what you get from a bail bond company to post bail for you.

Property bail is just like it sounds. You are allowed to use property as your promise to the courts that you’ll show up for your court hearings.

What Happens If You Can’t Post Bail?

If a defendant cannot post bail, they will be held in custody until their trial concludes.

In most cases, defendants may be granted bail if they are considered low-risk and will not flee the state in which they live or pose a threat to the community.

Defendants in some cases may also be granted O.R. bail or what’s known as “release on your own recognizance.” Getting released on O.R. means that you don’t have to pay any bail amount.

Instead, the courts allow you to get out of jail based on the honor system.

The Bail Out of Jail System In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for its exciting and neon-lit casinos, but lesser well-known is its robust commercial bail bond system.

If you are arrested in Las Vegas and decide to post bail, you will likely need to contact one of the many professional bail bond agencies in the city, as they can post bond for you.

To secure the help of a bail bond agency, you will need to pay a bail bond premium, which in Nevada is set at 15% of the total bail amount.

Steps For Bail Release In Las Vegas

If a friend or family member has called you asking for help with bail in Las Vegas, you will probably have a lot of questions.

Before you can help them, you’ll need to understand the various steps you have to take to get released on Las Vegas bail.

Additionally, you’ll want to understand:

  • What exactly you’re being asked to do.
  • What guarantees you need to have in place with the bail bond company before you pay anything.

As for the steps you should take, they are as follows.

1. Go Through The Bail Bond Process

You can post bail with a money order, cashier’s check, or cash.

In Las Vegas, you can also provide bail money using a Visa or MasterCard if the amount is at or below $3,000.

If this is your first time posting bail or if you can’t afford bail, you might consider talking an expert at Lightning Bail to help you.

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Bail Bond Process

When determining a bail amount, the court will set the amount of bail based on a set bail schedule.

However, sometimes the courts will create a custom bail amount for crimes that are very severe.

In Nevada, as already mentioned, bail bond agencies charge a 15% bail bond premium in exchange for their services.

2. Follow The Rules

A bail bond agency has the right to hire a bounty hunter to track down a defendant if he or she does not show up for court, so it’s always important to follow the rules.

If the bail bond agency loses money because of the defendant, the agency can sue the defendant as well as recover unpaid money by confiscating their collateral.

In Nevada, courts are required to return bail money once a court case concludes, but the defendant must abide by all the requirements of their release. If they do, then there will be no issues.

Defendants get their bail money back even if they receive a guilty verdict.

Missing a court date or breaking some other kind of requirement is bad news.

In such a case, the courts generally won’t return your bail money (known as Nevada bail forfeiture) unless you present a very good reason for why you didn’t show up.

Where To Post Bail

At the Las Vegas’ Clark County Detention Center (CCDC), you have to post bail at the pre-trial service window.

To read the bail schedule, you can look it up online (it’s easy to find) or contact the court directly.

Make sure to follow the specific rules of the court to ensure a successful release.

What Is Another Bail Out of Jail Option Available In Las Vegas?

The best alternative for bailing people out of jail in Las Vegas is to get released on O.R.

If this doesn’t happen, then you can potentially convince the court to lower your bail amount. You’ll most likely need the help of your attorney to achieve this.

Another viable option, as already mentioned above, is to post a property bond.

The type of property courts will accept for bail varies, so it’s worth speaking to a skilled bail bondsmen who can help guide you on what you can and cannot use.

In general, your bail bondsman will be able to provide you with various resources that you can use while you’re awaiting your court date.

What Are the Benefits of Using A Bail Bondsman To Bail Out of Jail?

When you need help, a good bail bondsman will be there to help you quickly.

Here are specific ways in which your preferred bail bond agency can help you bail out of jail.

1. Bail Bondsmen Have Years of Experience Helping People

Bail bondsmen have years of experience helping people get out of difficult situations, which helps them help you.

An experienced bail bondsman has pretty much seen it all, as far as court cases go, so they will be very understanding of your situation and can guide on the appropriate steps to take regarding the bail bond process.

Bail bondsmen are more than just business people. They specialize in helping people who have been arrested or are being held in jail.

2. Bail Bondsmen Can Help Bail Out of Jail Quickly and Without Hassle

No matter the bail amount, bail bondsmen can help you or your loved ones back on their feet as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that they can continue with their life OUTSIDE of jail!

In order to be eligible for bail, a person must of course have not committed an egregious crime, such as capital murder.

They must also have enough money available to cover the cost of their release.

Such costs include:

  • The bail amount itself
  • Bail bond premium
  • Bail bond fees
  • Missed days at work due to court
  • Childcare if you need someone to watch your children while at court
  • Travel expenses to and from court

3. Bail Bond Companies Offer A Variety of Services, Including 24/7 Support

Bail bond companies like ours offer a variety of services, including 24/7 support. This can be super helpful since many people discover that they may need our help at odd hours.

There are additional benefits to using a bail bond company for your needs besides this.

Many bail bond companies have affiliates throughout the United States, which means they can provide services in a variety of languages.

4. Most Bail Bondsmen Have A Reputation For Being Reliable

People who need to bail someone out of jail should choose a bail bondsman with a good reputation.

Not all bail bondsmen do, although most do.

In our experience, most bail bondsmen, while they are certainly interested in turning a profit, also want to follow the law and not put their careers in harm’s way.

For this reason, your bail bondsman of choice, as long as you select one with a substantial number of client reviews, will keep their word and treat you fairly.

5. Bail Bondsmen Have Connections

Bail bondsmen have connections within the criminal justice system, which can come in handy if you need to speak to a lawyer, doctor, or other professional about your case.

Do I Need A Criminal Defense Lawyer?

If you’ve been accused of a crime, the best thing you can do is get a good defense attorney.

While Las Vegas courts supply public defenders to those who can’t afford their own legal defense, hiring your own defense attorney (if you can afford it) is a better way to protect yourself.

If a friend or acquaintance calls you requesting bail, but you believe they won’t show up for court, contact Lightning Bail for a free consultation about what you should do as well as an attorney referral.

Our team can offer you expert advice on how to lessen or eliminate your financial risk when signing a bail bond.

Our Las Vegas bail bond agency is here to make sure you have a smooth experience with the Las Vegas court system.

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