Anyone who has a warrant for their arrest needs to find a Las Vegas bondsman to help them avoid jail time. First, the person with the warrant needs to find a bail bondsman who knows what to do if there is a warrant. Second, they must put their trust that the surety bond will be put through quickly. The warrant to bail bond process works in Nevada by following the steps that are outlined below:

Options if you have a warrant for your arrest

Turn oneself into the jail
Everyone needs to turn themselves in so that they do not get arrested. It is easier to get a cash bond because they know they are going in, and the process is faster.
Post bail on the warrant
Some people can post bail when they turn themselves in to make it go faster, but not everyone can do this. Talk to the bail bondsman about this before going in.
Hire a bail bondsman to post the bond
The surety bond can be posted as soon as people go in, and the bail bondsman will make sure that the timing is right for everyone. The bond office can make this happen pretty easily.

How does a Bail Bond work?

Pay 15% fee to the bail bondsman
In Nevada, there is a fee of 15% of the bail amount that was decided by the courts. 15% is state required and is not negotiable with the bondsman.
Using collateral
A lot of people can use collateral to make sure the bail amount can be paid if necessary.
The bail bond office posts the surety bond
The office will post the surety bond as soon as someone gets arrested. They will make sure they are calling in to get this done so that there is no wait.
The release
The arrested person will be released when the cash surety bond is paid.

Why hire a bail bondsman for a Warrant?

No jail time
People will not do jail time when the bail bond has been sent. The jail time is almost non-existent when it is taken care of by the bond office.
No missed work
Work will not be missed when the bond is posted fast. People cannot afford to miss work, and now they will actually save money by going back to work.
Not time away from family
The family will not have to wait for the person to come home.
Managing the payments
The payments that are made are made after the bond has been posted. The payments go to the office for the fee, and they will not pay any more when the bail money is returned after the case is over.
Preparing for court
Preparing for the court is a lot easier when people get out of jail easily

The best Las Vegas bail bond office

Lightning Bail works for people who have been detained quickly. Lightning Bail will get the Las Vegas bail bond paid and get the arrestee released as soon as possible. Anybody who is arrested needs to have an option that is going to help them get out of jail immediately. It is comforting to know that there will be someone available to post the bond for them. That is really simple, and it speeds it up for everyone including the lawyer who has to prepare the case.

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