With over 10 million arrests taking place annually in the United States, having access to affordable bail bonds is important. This is especially true given that a lot of arrests take place in low-income areas, leaving many defendants without the means to make bail.

Fortunately, some bail bond companies offer flexible payment plans designed to accommodate those with financial difficulties—as do we.

Our highly flexible payment plans are all about getting you out of jail as quickly as possible so that you can get back to your life!

When creating your plan, we take great care to respect your financial situation and not overburden you with high monthly payments, as we understand that you have other financial obligations.

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If you are just here to learn more about how bail bond payments work, then continue reading.

How Is Bail Usually Paid?

As you probably know, bail is the amount set by a judge before a defendant can get out of jail.

If you are in Las Vegas, you can pay bail in the following ways:

(1) You can use cash up to $10,000. (2) You can use a cashier’s check or money order paid to “Las Vegas Justice Court.” Please note that you will need to include the name and identification number of the arrested person. (3) You can pay with a credit card up to $10,000, and (4) you can get a bail bond. 

How To Get Bail Bonds With Payment Plans? 

The easiest way to get a bail bond with a payment plan is just to call us and ask. We are one of the friendliest bail bond companies in all of Las Vegas and have years of experience helping people get their bail bonds quickly.

The advantage of getting a bail bond over paying cash bail is that you do not have to put up as much money to pay your bail total.

Since bail bond premiums have been set at 15% of the total bail amount in the state of Nevada, if your bail amount is $10,000, you would need to pay $1,500 for your premium.

While this is still a lot for many people, flexible payment plans offer the perfect solution. We do not require that you pay the entire amount of your bail bond premium all at once!

How Much Are Bail Bond Down Payments?

We calculate your down payment based on your needs, the terms of your contract, and the risks involved.

Given our years of experience, we have the skill to meet you where you are at and settle on a fair down payment amount, as well as settle on affordable monthly payments.

Qualifying For A Bail Bond Payment Plan. Do I Need A Cosigner?

If you cannot pay your bail bond premium in full, please keep in mind that we may need to probe into your financial situation to understand how you will be able to make your payments.

Our decision to offer applicants a payment plan depends on their capacity to fulfill their bail contract. Some things that we like to see from you are a good credit score and stable employment. 

If you do not qualify for one of our payment plans, the good news is that you can get a cosigner to help you qualify. Your cosigner can be anyone who is 18 years of age or older, is a U.S. citizen, has good credit, and is financially stable.

If you are reading this and you are thinking about becoming a cosigner on a bail bond, please remember that by cosigning, you become a guarantor for the defendant and will be responsible for making their bail bond premium payments if they fail to do so.

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