Need to Bail Someone Out? Learn How Much Bail Bonds Will Cost in Las Vegas!

After learning that a loved one has been arrested, one of the first questions that may be running through your mind is how much a bail bond costs. The amount that a bail bonds company can charge is not typically up to the bail bond company itself. Most states regulate the price that a bail bond company can charge for their services. Here is some information that you need to know about bail bonds and their costs in the greater Las Vegas area.


If You Can Negotiate Bail Bonds Fees

When you are looking to bail your loved one out of jail, one of the questions you may have about bail is whether you negotiate the fee that you pay to a bail bondsman. Bail is set by the courts. If you do not agree with the amount that bail is set at, you can have your loved one’s public defender or attorney request a bail reduction hearing. At a bail reduction hearing, a judge will listen to both sides state why bail should either by reduced or not reduced based on the crimes that your loved one is charged with, their past criminal history and whether they are considered a flight risk.

Once bail has been set, the amount that you pay for bail is non-negotiable. You can either post the full amount of the bond with the courts. Or you can pay the fee that a bail bonds agency charges to post bond for your loved one.

What the Minimum and Maximum Cost For Las Vegas Bail Bonds Is

According to NRS 697.300, a bail bond agency is required to charge no more than and no less than 15 percent of the bond in order to post bond, or a minimum of $50, whichever is greater. So, if bail is set at $5,000, it will cost you 15 percent of that amount, or $750.00 to post bail for your loved one. In addition to this, bail bonds companies are allowed to charge whatever they see fit for other administrative costs and expenses.

What Other Fees a Bail Bonds Company Can Charge

In the state of Nevada, a bail bondsman can charge for administrative fees, in addition to the flat 15 percent that they charge to post the bail bond. Some of the fees they are allowed to charge include paperwork fees, fees related to the time it takes them to travel to and from the jail to post bond on behalf of your loved one and any credit card transaction fees they incur as a result of allowing you to use your card to pay for bail. Some bail companies allow you to make payments for the bail amount. If payments are made, the bail company can also charge you a payment fee and/or an interest fee.

What Ways the Bail Bonds Can Be Paid

The last question you may have about money and bail bonds is what ways you can pay the bail bond. When you are posting bail with a bail bond agency, the agency is allowed to determine what types of payments they accept. Most accept most major credit cards, cash and certified cashier’s checks. Some bail agencies will accept checks and money orders, but due to the risks involved, not every company will. Lastly, some companies will allow you to make payments or accept collateral, such as car titles or liens on houses if you do not have the money to pay the bond right away. Always contact a bail company and ask what types of payments they accept before arriving at the bail bonds agency.

Posting bail on behalf of a loved one is not free, nor is it usually cheap. However, there are many benefits to bailing your loved one out of jail. Posting bail on their behalf allows them to get out of jail so they can work on their defense, continue working their job and supporting themselves and their family and prevents them from the mental and emotional turmoil that can be brought on while sitting behind bars. If you need to use a bail bonds service on behalf of a loved one in Las Vegas, visit Lightning Bail today. We can help you get your loved one out of jail as quickly as possible.