If you do not have enough money or collateral to cover your own bail or the bail of someone you love while in jail, you need to take a look at some other options in order to get out and go back to their own home. The last thing anyone wants to do is stay in jail any longer than they need to. The next step is probably to reach out to family and friends to see if they can help. If that falls through, however, the last option that you have is to speak to someone that handles bail bonds.

What Are Bail Bonds?

Bail bonds are essentially a loan for bail. The bail bondsman will pay for your bail on your behalf under the agreement that you will show up for court and they can get their money back. In addition to this, you will need to pay a fee in order for the bail bondsman to process your bail and proceed with getting you or your loved one out of jail. In the case that you or your loved one does not show up to court as specified, then the money will still need to be paid back to the bail bondsman. it is definitely not free money and needs to be paid back one way or another.

How Fast Can Someone Get Out of Jail with Bail Bonds?


While it is not as fast as it would be if you did not have to get the money from another source, the process of getting the money does not take too terribly long. However, the length of time can really depend on how long it takes to process the paperwork. You will need to have the right collateral to put into place in order to get the bail and that means having proof of the collateral. If you can get this rather quickly, then you will be able to move on to the next part of the application process. You will need to fill out some paperwork and provide your documentation. Once this is reviewed, you will be able to speak to the bail bondsman about the process and they can continue with your paperwork. Once your application is approved, the bail bondsman will work on getting the money together for bail. They will work directly with the local jail to get this taken care of and provide the payment for the bond. As part of the service, you do not need to worry about any part of this process. The bail bonds company will also usually let you know when they have made the payment, which can take a few hours to complete from the beginning of the application process to the completed payment to the jail.

Once Bail is Paid, How Long Does it Take for the Release?

There are a lot of different things that can play into how long it takes to get someone out of jail once bail has been paid. Unfortunately, it is not something that can be managed by the bail bonds agency or any of the family and friends of the person locked up. This is a process that is handled by the jail. It can take a few hours up to a full 24 hours depending on how busy the jail is, how quickly they can process the payment, and if there are any other issues that are delaying a release. Your bail bondsman can usually give you an estimated time frame but this is not something that is concrete and things can change. Fortunately, though, the process will be in motion already so it is really just a waiting game until the individual is released from custody.

To get a more concrete timeline, it is always good to reach out to the jail directly. If you or a loved one is in need of bail, be sure to reach out to us to get the process started as soon as possible. You can also learn more on our bail bonds FAQs page or blog.