In Nevada, driving under the influence can land you in one of four Las Vegas Jail facilities and result in thousands of dollars of fines.

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DUI Bail Bonds

Driving under the influence is considered either to be a misdemeanor or a felony in Nevada depending on the severity of the infraction and how many past DUIs one has.

DUIs in Nevada can result in jail time, fines, and the suspension of one’s driver’s license.

If you have never driven under the influence before and you do not plan to, you most likely have nothing to worry about, but did you know that a breathalyzer test can still show a false positive if certain medical conditions are present?

This is why it is important to know what to do if you or someone you know gets arrested.

DUI Arrest and Booking

After an arrest is made, defendants are booked at one of the following Las Vegas detention centers.

  • Las Vegas Detention Center (Las Vegas City Jail)
  • Henderson Detention Center (also doubles as the Las Vegas Immigration Jail)
  • Clark County Detention Center (CCDC, but it is also sometimes called the Las Vegas Detention Center)
  • North Las Vegas Community Correctional Center (North Las Vegas CCC or North Las Vegas Detention Center or North Las Vegas Jail)

While at the detention center, the arrestee may call their family, lawyer, or a bail bond company to help them with their release.

We strongly recommend calling an experienced bail bond company as quickly as you can. This is almost always the best thing you can do aside from talking to a lawyer.

DUI Bail Bonds Cost

The cost for a DUI bail bond varies depending on the severity of the charge and how many previous DUI convictions a person has accrued over the last 7 years.

First and second DUI charges may be considered misdemeanors, which means bail will most likely range from $2,000 to $5,000.

For a third DUI charge, a person could face a Class B felony and a possible bail amount of $20,000.
A court may also deny bail for a DUI that results in substantial bodily harm.

In Nevada, the price for bail bonds is regulated by the state at 15 percent of the total bail amount. So, if the bail amount is $1,000, the defendant only has to pay $150 to a bail bond company for posting bond, plus a fairly small court processing fee.

DUI Bail Bonding Company

If you or someone you know has been arrested for driving under the influence, the best course of action is to get out of jail as soon as possible. But DUI bail can be hefty, which is why it may be necessary to work with a bail bonding company rather than pay the full bail amount by yourself.

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