Do You Get Bond Money Back in Nevada Introduction

If you’re here, you might be asking, “Do you get bond money back in Nevada?”

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is complicated, which is why we’ve written this article to help you understand the situation better and to help you know what to expect if you ever find yourself needing to pay bail.

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So, Do You Get Bond Money Back?

To find out whether or not you will get your bail money back, you first need to know what kind of bond you’ve posted. 

If you’ve posted a cash bond, then you will get your bail money back if you meet the following conditions:

  • You have abided by all of the requirements of the court.
  • The court proceedings have been completed.

Once the above conditions have been met, the judge will order the Clerk of Court to release the bond, which is called an “exoneration of bail.”

The Clerk of Court will mail the check to you or whoever the payor is, and if there is more than one payor, multiple checks will be mailed out in a divided amount.

You can expect the checks to take anywhere from two to six weeks to arrive.

If you still have not received your bond refund after six weeks, we recommend calling the Clerk of Court office in your jurisdiction.

Do I Get My Bond Money Back for a Property Bond?

Getting a property bond is an option that’s available to you if you are unable to pay your bail amount in cash.

The way it works is that the signatory of the property will sign a bond agreement with the court, after which the court will secure a lien against the property for the bail amount.

From this point forward, just like a cash bond, if the conditions of your release are satisfied at the end of the court case, then the judge will release the lien on the property.

However, if the defendant skips bail or violates any other condition set forth by the court, there is a very good chance that the court will confiscate their property.

Do You Get Bond Money Back if You Missed Your Court Hearing?

While the conditions of your release are binding and strictly enforced, it is possible for you to keep your bail amount even if you miss your court hearing.

If you run into an emergency situation that keeps you from showing up for court when you need to, we strongly recommend contacting your attorney as well as your bail bond agency and letting them know what is going on.

They will be able to communicate with the court on your behalf and increase the odds of you keeping your bail amount.

Here are some potentially acceptable excuses for why defendants might miss their court dates:

  1. The defendant did not receive the hearing notice.
  2. The defendant fell ill or was hospitalized.
  3. The defendant died.
  4. The defendant was deported.
  5. The defendant was diagnosed with severe mental illness.
  6. The defendant was being held by a civil or government authority.

Do You Get Bond Money Back if You Use Bail Bonds?

Bail bonds are the preferred option for people who can’t afford to pay their full bail amount since they only require someone to pay a 15% bail bond premium to a bail bond company.

This premium is non-refundable, which means even if the defendant abides by all of the conditions of their release, they will not get the 15% back.