After you have been arrested for a crime, bail will typically be set for you. In the state of Nevada, bail is set based on a bail schedule, but if, there are special circumstances, a magistrate or judge may set your bail instead. If your bail is set and you feel that it is too high, or higher than you can afford, you may find yourself wondering if bail can be reduced. Here is some information you need to know about reducing bail in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Can You Get Bail Reduced?

Bail is never something that is set in stone. If you are initially denied bail, you may be able to get that decision overturned. If bail is set at a high amount, you may be able to get it lowered. And, if you are ever re-arrested or violate the terms of your bail release, bail may be increased or denied in the future.

What Needs to Happen in Order for Bail to Be Reduced?

If you are looking to have the amount of your bail decreased, a bail reduction hearing needs to take place. Your public defender or attorney will need to set a bail reduction hearing up on your behalf. At this hearing a judge will listen to the arguments that your attorney presents for decreasing bail, and any arguments that the district attorney presents for not reducing bail. The judge will also take many other factors into account. They will then make a decision in regards to your bail. In some cases, the decision may be made immediately after the hearing, while in other cases, the judge may take days to issue a ruling. The judge has the discretion to either reduce bail, increase bail or keep it set at the same amount.

What Factors Does a Judge Look at When Deciding Whether to Reduce Bail?

When deciding whether to reduce your bail, a judge will look at many factors. One of the key factors that will be looked at is your past criminal history. A judge will look at how many times you have been arrested and convicted of crimes, what you have been arrested for in the past, and how recently those arrests and convictions were. Another factor a judge will look at is the severity of your crime and whether you are a threat to society. The more severe your crime is, the higher your bail typically is. Your ties to the community also have an effect on whether a judge decides to reduce your bail. Those who work in the area, have family in the area, go to school or church in the area and have strong community ties are less likely to run while out on bail. Lastly, the judge must decide whether there is a high risk you will re-offend while out on bail. A judge needs to keep the community safe, so if they feel like you are a threat to your victim or to society, they may deny bail or keep it set high.

What Happens If Bail Is Not Reduced?

If a judge does not reduce bail, there are a few different things that can happen. First, you can decide to remain in jail until your trial. Second, you have the option of having another bail reduction hearing. Typically, this is only done if there is new information that is being presented or to present a judge with a rebuttal to the reasons why the judge gave for not reducing your bail. Lastly, if bail is not reduced, you may wish to find a bail bonds company that can work with you. Some bail bonds companies may be able to accept collateral in return for bail or work out a payment arrangement with you or your family members. This can help make bail more affordable.

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