These folks track down criminal defendants who have skipped bail. As we’ve discussed in previous posts, skipping bail occurs when the accused fails to appear in front of a judge for his or her court date. Fugitive recovery agents, as they’re also known, are hired to locate, arrest, and detain defendants. Unfortunately, there are cases in which bounty hunters must use surprise entry to gain access to a home in order to make an arrest. In turn, these agents are asked to train and test with firearms, handcuffs, tasers, and other weapons. Some areas require that bounty hunters have a previous background in law enforcement.


Your local bail bondsman posts bail for the release of a defendant from jail. Here’s how it works. The licensed agent guarantees to forfeit the bond if the defendant fails to make their scheduled court appearance. A bondsman may choose to go to the jail with paperwork to release a defendant, however, it’s not their job to search for/arrest a defendant for not showing up for court appearances. Contrary to popular belief, bail bond agencies work and operate independently from the court system.

Consider this takeaway point when trying to decipher the difference between a bounty hunter and a bail bondsman. Bounty hunters are called in when things go awry and move in to make the arrest and bring the defendant back to jail. Bail agents work to help the situation go smoothly by ensuring the defendant is released from jail when bail is made.


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