A new comprehensive report released last month from the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) shows once again that having defendants released from custody by way of a bail bond is the most effective and economical method when compared to government funded unsecured release. This detailed report quantifies and clearly defines the performance differences between Surety Bail Bonds vs. unsecured releases. This report found:

  • When defendants failed to appear – they were 50% more likely to have been released by unsecured release.
  • When defendants were rearrested for a new violation – They were four times more likely to have been released my unsecured release.
  • When release is revoked – Unsecured release had just over twice the failure rate
  • When there were technical violations or release – unsecured release had two and half times the failure rate.

Watch the future carefully as Bail Reform is positioning for every state soon.  NOT. GOOD!