Has Your Loved One Been Arrested? Learn the Benefits of Bailing Them Out of Jail!

If a loved one calls to inform you that they have been arrested and jailed in the Las Vegas area, they may also inform you that bail has been set and ask you to bail them out of jail. Many people face a dilemma when asked to do this. Some people wonder if they should allow their loved one to sit in jail to teach them a lesson or they wonder if putting up the money to bail their loved one out of jail is really worth it. If you are on the fence about bailing your loved one out of jail, learning the benefits of doing so may help you decide whether you should bail them out of jail. Here are a few of the benefits of bailing someone out of jail.

They Don’t Have to Sit in Jail

One of the major benefits to bailing someone out of jail is that they do not have to sit in jail. If your loved one was arrested, you may think that you are teaching them a lesson by forcing them to remain in jail. But really, you may be causing irreparable harm that can haunt them well into the future.


Studies have shown that there are many effects on someone who has been incarcerated, even for a short period of time. Those who are incarcerated for even short periods of time develop emotional problems. They may become depressed, they may suffer from self-esteem issues or they may begin to lose sympathy and empathy for others. Studies have also shown that those who are incarcerated for longer periods of time have a higher chance of re-offending and ending up back in jail or prison, compared to those who bail out and do no jail time.

While you may not agree with your loved one’s behavior that landed them in jail, allowing them to sit in jail may be detrimental to them.

They Have the Ability to Work On Their Defense

Another benefit associated with bailing your loved one out of jail is that you are giving them the opportunity to work on their defense.


When someone is jailed, they have limited amounts of time to see and discuss their case with a public defender or their lawyer. And, while they are entitled to lawyer-client privilege, what is said in a jail between the lawyer and inmate may not always be private and confidential. Bailing your loved one out of jail allows to discuss their case in private with their attorney and work on a defense, helping to provide them with the best possible outcome.

They Can Continue to Work

The last benefit associated with bailing your loved one out of jail is that they can continue to work.

Nevada is an at-will employment state. This means that if your loved one is arrested and does not show up for work, they can immediately be terminated. Your loved one relies on their job to pay their bills, provide for their family and keep a roof over their head. If they are in jail, they cannot do any of these things.

Losing their job and not being able to work can be detrimental in both the short term and the long term. It can also prove to be a huge burden on you. If your loved one is in jail, they may lose their home. This may mean that they rely on you to pack up their belongings and store them. When they are released, they may not have a home to return to and no money. As such, they may lean on you to help house them. So, while bailing someone out of jail can be costly, not bailing them out of jail can be just as costly for both parties.

There are many benefits to posting bond and getting your loved one out of jail. They do not have to sit in jail, they have the ability to work on their defense and they can continue to work, helping to support themselves and their family. If your loved one has been incarcerated in the greater Las Vegas area and you want to post a bail bond on their behalf, let Lightning Bail help. Stop by our office today to help free your loved one.