What Factors Affect How Much Your Bail Bond is Set At

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Have You Been Arrested? Learn What Factors Can Affect How Much Your Bail Is

Bail is designed to help individuals who have been arrested get out of jail until their trial comes to a close. But, at the same time, the amount of bail that is posted is supposed to be a large enough deterrent to prevent the individual from fleeing and instead, force them to go to court. Because everyone’s circumstances are different, the amount of bail that is set for different individuals varies. Here are just a few of the factors that can affect how much your bail bond is set at in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas NV Bail Bonds CompaniesThe Bail Bonds Schedule

The state of Nevada has a bail schedule. This bail schedule sets a standard bail amount for many common, non-violent crimes. The bail schedule is supposed to be imposed on those who are being charged with these common, non-violent crimes and do not have previous felonies or a lengthy rap sheet for misdemeanors. The reason a bail schedule is in place is to help set a bail amount for those who are charged with these common crimes quickly. This helps to free up other resources setting bail for a more complicated and complex case and offenders. If your bail amount is set by the bail schedule, you will be told the bail amount when you are booked into the Las Vegas jail.

Set bail bonds

Whether Your Crime Was Violent or Non-Violent in Nature

Another factor that affects how much your bail is set at is whether the crime you are being charged with is violent or non-violent. Those that are charged with violent crimes tend to have higher bail amounts than those charged with non-violent crimes. In addition to having a higher bail amount, you may also be ordered to stay away from your victim if you are released on bail for a violent crime. If you violate that order, you can be sent back to jail and your bail bond can be immediately revoked.

How Many Prior Convictions You Have and What Those Convictions Are For

When bail is being set, your past criminal history will be looked at carefully. The courts have to assess whether you are a flight risk and a risk to the community before they can release you on bail. If you have other criminal charges in the past, you can expect your bail to be significantly higher than someone who has no other criminal convictions. Some states take each conviction and multiply that by the bond schedule amount. Nevada is not one of the states that automatically does this, but a judge can decide to do this on their own if they feel your past history warrants it.

Whether You Are Deemed to Be a Flight Risk

Your risk of fleeing has a huge outcome on the amount your bail bonds will be set at. Those who do not have strong ties to the community, that may have fled past criminal charges or who are citizens in another country are deemed to be a flight risk. Bail can be set high to deter you from fleeing in these situations or bail can be denied completely. Many tourists are arrested when visiting Las Vegas, so a judge does take into account that Vegas is a tourist town. However, they also need to do their due diligence and do what they can to help ensure you show up for court.

What Your Current Financial Situation Is

The last factor that is looked at when determining how much your bail will be set at is what your current financial situation is. In most cases, this is looked at closely at a bail reduction hearing, rather than when you are simply admitted into jail. Bail is not supposed to punish the poor who cannot afford to bail out. If a judge finds that you should be able to bail out of jail, but you simply do not have the money, they may be able to help reduce the amount your bail is set at, to help you remain free until there is a resolution to your case.

Financial ability to support bail bonds

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Bail Bond Companies in Las Vegas work to help the individuals, who are accused of committing a crime to lawfully stay outside of jail while their trial is going on. Talking about how the bail bonds work, we first need to know what bail is and need of bail in Las Vegas. After a criminal is presented in the court, he, in some cases can be released into the society before going for a trial. In some cases, the accused may be released on no security for his recognizance while in other cases; the court may require him to present a certain amount of money, called bail, as a surety that he will appear in the court till the trial goes on. On successful completion of the trial, the bail sum is returned. If the accused cannot pay the bail amount, he can contact a Las Vegas bail bond company for help. They will sell a surety bond that the accused will appear in the court when ordered. Those, who know this but already, a bail bond company is also known as bail bondsmen.

Lightning Bail Bonds provide the best and most affordable bail bonds in Las Vegas. We are known for providing cheap bail bonds in Las Vegas to our clients. Generally, the bail bonds of Las Vegas are based on a certain percentage of the bail and it is about one-tenth of the bail amount. If a person wants to become a bail bondsman in Las Vegas, who provides bail bonds, he needs to undergo a training program, go for a background check and get a surety bond. However, some states may have different rules than those of Las Vegas Bail bonds. Some Vegas bail bonds companies also offer some other services like serving, which is the delivery of legal documents to defendants.

Another important part to consider is bail bond collateral. The most commonly used collateral for a bail bond in Las Vegas is real estate property. It may include a house, a shop or a piece of land. Properties under mortgages can also be used. Your bail bond can also have jewelry as bail bonds collateral. Generally, rather than a type of collateral, there are other restrictions that may be imposed on a convict. These may include restrictions on travel, gun ownership, drugs, and alcohol or psychological treatments. Getting bail and dealing with bail bonds can be a difficult task. You can hire the experienced team of Lightning Bail Bonds to get the best bail bonds service at the best prices.

We understand that bail may be required at any time and so we provide 24-hour bail bonds. By offering 24-hour bail bonds in Las Vegas, we have provided timely help to our clients by not letting them go to jail. Providing bail service can be a challenging task as it involves working with criminals, although many of them are not. In some cases, the families of the convicts may have to suffer greatly. In cases of accused being fugitives, companies have to take possession of collateral that may include convict family’s house, which may make them homeless. To provide best bail bond service in Las Vegas, NV a company needs to have the financial stability to pay bail amounts and hiring bail recovery agents.

Lightning Bail Bonds also provides its bail bond service in North Las Vegas and other areas. Apart from North Las Vegas bail bonds, we also work with bail bonds in Nevada. With our Nevada bail bonds, we have legally helped in bailing someone out of jail. Our team also operates in Clark Country. You can contact us to get Clark Country bail bonds to get help for you or your known. There are basically two types of bail bonds; the criminal bail bond and the civil bail bond. The criminal bail bond guarantees that a convict will appear in the court when called and the civil bail bond guarantees debt and interest payment.

Lightning Bail Bonds is a team of very professional bondsmen, who are well known for helping their clients at every cost and setting up instant bail bonds. We understand that the whole period is very difficult for a person and so we use a patient approach towards our clients. We believe in a deep interaction and communication with our clients for a successful bond agreement. Our team members work attentively and follow the state laws for a completely safe and effective procedure because even a small mistake can cost a lot. Our team works transparent and has the best bail bond rates. Contact the expert team of Lightning Bail Bonds to get fast bail bonds.

Note: Misdemeanor arrestees picked up in Las Vegas are brought to the City of Las Vegas Jail for processing. Processing includes being photographed, fingerprinted, personal affects inventoried, and given a thorough medical examination.
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