Looking to Bail Out of Jail? Learn What the Conditions of Being Released on Bail Are

In the state of Nevada, both the courts and the bail bonds agency can impose their own conditions of bail. The conditions vary based on the offenses you are charged with and the circumstances surrounding your arrest. Here are some of the most common conditions of bail.

To Show Up for Your Court Hearings

In Las Vegas, Nevada, one of the conditions that are in place for anyone who was released on their own recognizance or who posts bail is to show up for all of your scheduled court hearings. If you fail to show up for a hearing, a bench warrant will be issued and you can be arrested. When this happens, the judge can increase your bail or revoke your ability to bail out of jail. The bail bonds agency you use also has the right to revoke your bone if you fail to show up for court.

Judge Holding DocumentsTo Obey the Law

Another condition that is required of everyone who is released on bail in the state of Nevada is to obey the law. If you break the law and are arrested while you are currently out on bail, your right to bail out on either charge may be denied, as you may be considered a threat to the public.

Not to Have Contact With Your Victim

If you are arrested for because you did harm to another person, a condition of bail that the Clark County courts may place on you is to not have contact with your victim. The courts need to ensure that the victim is kept safe. As such, you may be ordered to stay so many feet away from the victim, their home and their place of employment, or you may be forbidden from having any contact with them, including phone communication.

Not to Use Alcohol or Drugs

If you were arrested on a charge that involves drugs or alcohol, the courts and/or the bail bonds agency may require that you not use any alcohol or drugs while you are out on bond. Depending on the circumstances, one or both entities may also require you to be randomly or routinely tested for drugs and alcohol. If you fail to take these tests or drink or do drugs, your bond can be revoked.

Alcohol and drugsTo Remain in the County or State You Were Arrested In

Not everyone who is arrested in Las Vegas lives in Las Vegas. As such, the courts have to heavily weigh whether you are considered a flight risk or at risk for not showing up for your hearings, as well as the severity of your crimes. If the courts feel you may be a flight risk, they can place travel restrictions on you as a condition of bail. The conditions may involve remaining in Clark County, remaining in Nevada or not being able to leave the country. In addition to those restrictions placed by the courts, a bail bonds agency can also place similar restrictions on you.

To Immediately Report Any Change in Address

The courts and the bail bonds company always need to have your current address. If you have moved, you are required to notify both parties. In most cases, you have to notify the courts within 48 hours of moving. Every bail agency has their own reporting requirements.

To Have Frequent Contact With the Bail Bonds Agency in Las Vegas

The last condition of bail that is common in Las Vegas is to have frequent contact with the bail bondsman. Most bail bonds companies require you to routinely check in with them. They may require you to call in and update them on your case after every hearing or stop by their office once every two weeks to discuss the case. If you fail to maintain the required contact, your bond can be revoked by the bond agency.

If you have been arrested in Las Vegas, you may want to get out of jail as quickly as possible. Posting bail is one of the fastest ways to get out jail. When you need a bail bonds company, turn to Lightning Bail. Call us today to learn how we can work to get you out of jail.