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Las Vegas is the entertainment capitol of the world. Hosting events that attract excitement and fun seeking people.

Letting loose is a great escape for many, but one too many or a simple look at a local bar, and you could end up fighting for your life.

We see all too often, well meaning parties or groups of tourists who end up in a Vegas bar room brawl, only to end up in the not so safe or fun Clark County jail.

You might not know about jail violence or the secrecy victims take with them years after their release, but the FBI does and keeps track of assaults behind bars. Clark County Nevada jails are a dangerous place for anyone let alone a newbie inmate.

The numbers are terrifying. Rates are steadily climbing year after year and should not be ignored.

Jail is not a safe place to cool it off. If you have a friend or a loved one in a Vegas jail, do the right thing, post bail as soon as possible.

Here at Lightning Bail, we pride ourselves on being the fastest bail bond company in the west. This is not only a slogan or cliche, even, but our mission in life.

We make it easy and affordable for newcomers to post bail in Vegas, affordably, fast and as less stress or embarrassment as possible.

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Our bail bondsmen are respectful and knowledgeable on the bonding process.

“My husband was put in jail for a DUI. He had taken prescribed medication and had a few beers at a work party. When he drove home, he felt sick and tired, but kept driving anyway. Vegas Police pulled him over and the rest is a sad history in our family. Lightning Bail went above and beyond for our family. I will never forget how kind they were to me when I called crying and hysterical. My husband is now in the process of clearing his good name. We are very lucky to have called Lightning Bail.” Marie Hernandez

“Our party got out of hand at a casino. The security guards were so rough with my girlfriend while escorting us out of the resort, that I lost my cool and socked the security guy in the mouth. That one lapse of judgement and losing my temper could have cost me my life behind bars. Lightning Bail were fast at getting me back to my hotel room and with my girlfriend. Their quick help will forever be appreciated.” Mark Ellison

LightningBail.com is located @ 629 South Casino Center Boulevard, Suite 1, Las Vegas, NV 89101.

Call us directly now at (702) 333-2663.  Las Vegas Nevada. Clark County Nevada Jail.

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Looking to Post Vegas Bail?
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