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Best Bail Bond Service in Las Vegas


What does it mean when a bail company says “We have the best bail bond service!” Often times, it is a catch phrase used to make a sale.

Here at Lightning Bail Bonds, service is our mission. Our clients are important part of our business. We work around the clock to provide services they need at the time they need it most.

Allow us to show you what excellent customer service feels like. Start off with giving us a quick call and we will find where your loved one is currently being held. There is no charge for this btw.

Call Us Anytime 702-333-2663

Let us show you how fast we can get your loved one out of jail.

The proof is in the results. We want to be your go to bonding company when you need us the most.

Private, confidential and fast are our goals each day when we set foot in the office.

You will not find a more active and committed bail company in the Vegas area.

Choose LightningBail.com as your Bail Bonds Service Las Vegas!

We are YOUR go to team.

We are YOUR bonding agents.

YOU are at the heart of everything we do.

Let us PROVE our worth.

Call 702-333-2663 now.

Bail Service Rreviews

“WOW! They found him in 20 minutes. I had been searching for an hour. Thank you very much!!!” Saia R.

“Impressed. Usually bail companies suck.” Thomas W.

“None of my friends would help me at 5 a.m in the morning. Lightning Bail did!” Martha B.

“It was so difficult finding my brother. I was so scared. No one would call us back. Lightning Bail answered the phone and while we were talking, their bondsmen found my brother. I was able to get him back home before our parents found out. Close call!” Samantha L.

“When I first landed on their website, the lightning flash scared the pants off my dog. LOL. The guys were cool and got the job done. Will use them again when needed.” Gary R.

“You guys are great. Thank you.” Sarah K.

“Your my hero. My dad is now in rehab and on track to getting our life back. Much love.” Cynthia M.


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