Las Vegas, city of lights, shows, casinos, excitement….fights, crime, DUI’s, raids and lots of other undesirables that you hope will stay in Vegas.

Las Vegas Bail services is your best bet, for a quick release from jail. No one wants to create memories that involve stabbings, rape, murder and more.


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Jail is a dangerous place, even for those seasoned veterans of the incarceration world.

Especially if your loved one has never been in jail!

Time is important. The sooner you can call a bondsmen and get bail posted, the chances are that your friend or loved one is safe back with you.

Jail is no place to learn a life lesson.  Counseling is a better choice.

We are the fastest bail bonds company in the Vegas area. has been helping those who need it the most for over 35 years.

We are professional, up to date on all new codes and requirements and will not waste your time figuring things out the hard way. WE GET THIS.

We eat(too much junk food), sleep (not so much sleep ) and drink (coffee, lots and lots)… bail bonding services.

Give us a call, and speak with one of our trained bail bondsmen asap.

We are available 24/7. Call 702-333-2663 and speak with someone that can get the bail process started immediately.

Jail is not a safe place for your friend or loved one. Even the correctional offices at the jail are open to attacks.


The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department says that one of their officers was attacked by an inmate at the Clark County Detention Center’s South Tower.
It was reported on Wednesday around 7:30 a.m.
Inmate David Frostick had recently been given a jury sentence recommendation of 20 years to life. This stems from charges of murder and use of a deadly weapon. He is due to be officially sentenced on Nov. 2.
Frostick began struggling with the officer, when the officer’s flashlight became dislodged. CCDC officers do not carry weapons. The inmate began to beat the officer about the head and face with the flashlight. Read more on 13 Action News:

Call a bail company you can trust.

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