How can I post bail in Las Vegas as soon as possible?

Call Lightning Bail at 

What will it cost to post bail in Las Vegas?

We will work with you on this. Payment options are available.

How do I know you are a bail bonds company I can trust?

We are one of the oldest bail bond companies in the Las Vegas area with a proven track record. Read on. 

Hello, my name is Andy. I have been helping family and loved ones post bail in the Las Vegas area for over a decade. I have a reputation for putting everything into helping families when a loved one is behind bars.

I named my company Lightning Bail in hopes to convey the fact, that our bail bond company is consistently the fastest bail bonds company in the Vegas area.

When a loved one is in a Vegas jail, the stress on the family or loved one can be insurmountable. Crime rates and risk of death or injury are very high in jail.

This turns a simple mistake at a local event or party into a life changing scenario. No parent should have to deal with that kind of mental anguish.

When someone is incarcerated, the smartest thing anyone can do for them is to postvegas bail bondsmen bail. Jail is no place to learn a lesson, ever. Counseling is far better suited to do that.

Either myself or my partner, Brian, are available to help you right now. Give us a call at  702-333-2663

We will work to help you through this very difficult time.

“I can’t say enough good things about Brian and Andy. My daughter is asthmatic and when stressed, she gets real sick. The thought of her in jail on top of that was more than I could stand. The guys at Lightning Bail were caring and fast. Sam is now back home and in therapy. You can’t go wrong working with these guys.” Martha S.

“OMG thank you! That was the scariest night of my life.” Mark A.

“Your team is amazing. I was terrified because I could not figure out which jail my son was in. Thank you for helping us out with the payment plan as well as finding my son.” Terrance R.

You can find us at 629 South Casino Center Boulevard, Suite 1 Las Vegas NV 89101. Call us at 702-333-2663 any time of day of night and on any day of the year. Our license number with the department of insurance is 3129038.


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