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Looking to see if your loved on is incarcerated in Clark County?

Let us do the searching for you. We can do the hard work of locating your friend or loved on who is jail.

Our inmate searching services is 100% free.

We only need your name, a good phone number to reach you on and the  inmates name.

Our dedicated team of bail bonding agents will begin the search immediately. Inmate Search Las Vegas can be a very stressful thing to do on your own.

We never charge to do this service. Your information is held in the utmost confidentiality.

No one should have to be locked up with career criminals. The system is not fair and is very dangerous.

The faster you act, the quicker we can get your loved one to safety, home where they belong.

We will call you as quickly as possible once we have located the inmate.

Finding a recently incarcerated inmate, can take several hours if you do not know the process. Our team have over 35 years experience with finding inmates and the bail bonding process.

Once we find the inmate, we can help you ASAP with posting bail.

Call us at 702-333-2663 now and we will get to finding your loved one ASAP.

Our license number with the department of insurance is 3129038. is committed to bringing your loved one back home as fast as possible.

“I could cry just thinking about it. The guys and gals over at Lightning Bail were amazing. My son was out of jail in time for his sisters wedding. A stupid mistake out on the night with friends could of ruined a wedding we planned for over year. As soon as I called them they started researching and sure enough, they found him. I am ever so greatful for their help.” Allison Y.

It’s QUICK. It’s EASY. . . and It’s FREE!

Call us at 702-333-2663!

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Inmate Search Las Vegas
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  • Jae Miller says:

    Hi There! We are very thankful for your help last week with our daughter. Looking for a trustworthy Las Vegas Bail Bondsmen was a nightmare. We called 30 bond companies with no response. Then finally, did a search on vegas bail bondsmen who care, and sure enough, we found Andy and Brian with You guys are our heroes! Thank you for your help with the payment plan. You are always inn our prayers. The Millers

    • Miss Miller we are happy to of helped to get your son home safely. This is why we chose to become bail bondsmen in the first place. We have been there and understand how dangerous jail can be for a young person. We hope all is going well with your family. Thank you for the kind words.

  • You are the best bail bonds company in Las Vegas for solicitors, hands down!

  • Thank you for working with my small budget!

  • Marilou45 says:

    Anytime you need to post bail in Las Vegas, you can always count on the team at Lighting Bail.

  • Timmy says:

    hello, i really liked working with your bail bondsmen. I will promote your post in my facebook group. I’m sure my fans will love it. Thank you

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