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Jail is no place to learn a lesson.

Bail Bonds can be a life saving service.

Thousands of inmates are injured, assaulted and worse each day in jails and prisons across the county. Correctional offices are not safe and news of more and more assaults on staff are now common in the news.

Why take a chance on your loved ones safety?

Bail bonding services take the sting out of large bail and court fees. We make it easy for families to do the right thing and protect your loved one from the dangers of jail life.

Here at Lightning Bail Bonds, we work hard to make the bail process as smooth as possible for you and your loved one behind bars.

Need help with payment plan? We’ve got your back!

Not sure where to start? Give us a quick call, any day or time and speak with a local bail bondsmen and get the process started immediately to protect your friend or loved one.

Time after time, we see innocent men and women end up worse off than before they got incarcerated. Jail life is no place to get clean, sober or taught a life lesson.

Counseling is better suited for those who need help to find security and healing in their lives.

Not sure if your loved one is behind bars? Let us search all the jails in the area for you, free of charge.  Call us immediately at
702-333-2663 and one of our dedicated bail bondsmen will begin the process of located your loved one.

We will call you as soon as they are located. You can then decide the right course of action to take. We will be there for you through each step to ensure all is well.

The process can be overwhelming at times, but having a calm and respectful bail agent helping you can ease a life time worth of burden.

Don’t worry about waking us up. We are always up and ready to serve.

Bail Bond Service Las Vegas

Vegas Bail Bonds
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